join the IPF Interactive Session this Thursday

Posted by fiammybe on 1264498300
Just to inform you that the next IPF interactive session will be held this Thursday at 9pm GMT.

During this session, you are encouraged to ask questions about ImpressCMS Persistable Framework topics: more more information about a specific class, a thorough explanation on how to achieve a specific functionality, questions why a certain part of the code is build up the way it is, you have total control of the agenda!

These sessions will be more interesting and have much more value when they are attended by as much people as possible.

If you're interested and you haven't received an invitation yet, post in this thread and I'll invite you. If you already received an invitation you can directly invite people, don't hesitate.

In short : Join us on Thursday!

If you have questions, remarks or suggestions: I'd like to hear them from you.

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