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Re: Time for a decision: Tabs or Spaces

by skenow on 2009/12/25 21:05:13

Don't worry, we'll be among good company - it appears 'other developers' have decided using tabs works for them -

Joomla: tabs
Wordpress: tabs
Mediawiki: tabs
TikiWiki: tabs
Typo3: tabs
Concrete5: tabs

Drupal is on its own: 2 spaces, not tabs

Now, I'm going to go paint the bikeshed
Re: Time for a decision: Tabs or Spaces

by skenow on 2009/12/25 16:01:05

and every fly I know eats excrement - doesn't mean I'm about to do it
Re: Time for a decision: Tabs or Spaces

by Vaughan on 2009/12/25 14:48:29

all i'm saying is that most of the developers i know use spaces for tabs, zend use it, and probably more. it's an already established standard. asking others to keep changing their tabs from spaces just seems not right, that and people are forgetful at times anyway.

@Trabis, the reason we're discussing now though is because it's become increasingly chaotic at times with SVN, where some editors are set with different settings, some use DOS line ends, some use unix, and it makes diffing a much longer process. so we need to all start adhering to a set standard. That & we're trying to use the forum more instead of reliance on the mailing list.
Re: Time for a decision: Tabs or Spaces

by david on 2009/12/25 12:12:44

Whatever is best - is fine by me.
Re: Time for a decision: Tabs or Spaces

by skenow on 2009/12/25 11:17:03


trabis wrote:

I voted spaces, I voted Zend standards it.

Apparently the poll expiration date does not prevent people from voting afterwards...


More strange then seeing you discussing this, is to see you are doing it now, after 2 years of code committing.

Seems like your project just established its own standards, after what - 9 years?

Seriously, you complain about the lack of decision making, but when one does get made, you complain because you don't like it.

What next?

What I find rather amusing is the deeply held opinions that were etched on stone tablets when the code editors were vi and dosedit. Now we have phones capable of browsing the web, IDEs capable of maintaining separate preferences for each project or workspace and we are still driven by archaic practices without ever considering something else might just be worth trying.

Well, I won't be standing in anyone's way.